• Reduced Vitamin D Levels and Flu Outbreaks

    Diminished vitamin D levels may be linked to the spread of the flu. Research found that nonpandemic influenzas occur primarily in temperate regions and in winter when the skin’s vitamin D formation due to sun exposure is low. Influenza seasonality is seldom observed in tropical regions. Although an initial pandemic can start in any season, … Continue reading “Reduced Vitamin D Levels and Flu Outbreaks”

  • Probiotics Prevent Coughs in Infants

    Kids get colds.¬† It’s just part of life, but it’s best to keep babies from experiencing their first cough or cold for as long as possible. New research out of Finland shows that babies under eight months are a third less likely to develop respiratory illnesses if they are given daily probiotic supplements. In the … Continue reading “Probiotics Prevent Coughs in Infants”

  • Vitamin D Helps Boost Immunity to Colds

    A new study reinforces the role that Vitamin D plays in¬†preventing colds and other respiratory tract infections. Researchers using data from 18,883 participants in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that Vitamin D could boost immunity to colds, even after adjusting for demographic and clinical factors such as season, body mass index, … Continue reading “Vitamin D Helps Boost Immunity to Colds”