• Two Eye Exercises for Computer Eye Strain

    Americans are spending at least 5 hours per day close-up looking at computers, tablets and smartphones.1 However, our eyes were not designed for extended hours of close-up work. In the same way that we need regular physical exercises, we also need eye exercises. We evolved as hunter-gathers, and our eyes are made to scan the … Continue reading “Two Eye Exercises for Computer Eye Strain”

  • Photophobia: When the Eyes Have Extreme Light Sensitivity

    Everyone is sensitive to light to some degree, but light sensitivity, or photophobia is an abnormal intolerance for light. Discomfort can be experienced from light sources such as sunlight and fluorescent or other artificial lights. It may cause the person with light sensitivity to squint or to have to close their eyes. It can cause pain … Continue reading “Photophobia: When the Eyes Have Extreme Light Sensitivity”

  • Natural Relief from Migraine Headaches

    VIt’s important to check with your doctor if you are suffering from chronic head pain. However, there are some natural remedies you may find helpful. Exercise Studies find that aerobic exercise is as effective at preventing migraines as the migraine medication topiramate. A study