Advanced Eye & Vision Support (whole food) Formula 60 vcaps

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Whole food, wild crafted herbal vegetarian formula with vision antioxidants, chemical and preservative free.
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Advanced Eye & Vision Support (whole food) Formula 60 vcaps


Advanced Eye & Vision Support Formula is a whole food based, wild crafted herbal formula with specific antioxidants for vision health including lutein, zeaxanthin, bilberry, chlorella, carrot root, broccoli and much more (vegetarian formula).

This wild-crafted herbal formula is GMO free, as well as free of the following: artificial color/flavoring, corn, egg, fish, gluten, hydrogenated oil, lactose/milk dairy, nuts, preservatives, salt, shellfish, soy, starch, sugar, wheat and yeast.

There are trace amounts of glycerine in the capsule

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Dr. Grossman's Rationale for the
Advanced Eye and Vision Formula

Promotes clear vision and healthy eyes, including macula, retina and lens, supports healthy eye growth, and rejuvenation, and supports the body's natural detoxification processes with targeted, quality antioxidants for vision.

Also see combo special with multi-vitamin

"I believe that whole foods in one's diet and in supplements provide the most effective way to deliver essential antioxidants to one's body for both disease prevention and disease management (preferably organic and/or wild crafted herbal). The Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula was designed with this in mind, using all wild crafted herbs (no chemical, pesticides or fillers of any sort) and is vegetarian (there are trace amounts of gelatin in the capsule). This formulation was designed around current research on nutrition and eye disease, in terms of essential nutrients such as lutein and zeaxanthin as well as containing a range of highly potent antioxidants known to support overall eye and body health.

Numerous research studies show that a diet high in a range of different antioxidants both help prevent disease (both eye and overall body disease) as well as helps prevent damage associated with many chronic diseases."

Superior Eye & Vision Support*

Advanced Support for Clear, Strong Vision and Healthy Eyes*

No matter what your age or the condition of your eyes, our Advanced Eye & Vision Support Formula can help you save your eyes and help keep your vision clear and strong for years to come.

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

  • Dry eyes
  • Cloudy or blurred vision
  • Tired Eyes
  • Poor night vision
  • Vitreous Support
  • Twitching sensations

Failing eyesight is a sign that something is wrong. Many research studies show that it is possible to keep your vision clear and strong and you can even improve your night vision.

Don't let lack of key nutrients, such as those found in our Advanced Eye & Vision Support Formula, rob you of your precious sight..

All nutritional products for the eyes are not the same.

Individual nutrients can vary greatly in quality. One study showed that 97.5% of randomly selected nutritional products were neither non-toxic nor effective. In contrast, every single nutrient in our Advanced Eye & Vision Support Formula is individually pre-screened by our advanced, state-of-the art photoluminescence device to assure optimal freshness, potency and purity.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • The most complete eye protection formula ever conceived in quality, quantity and synergy*
  • Broad-spectrum antioxidant defenders, capable of quenching every known free radical, both ROS (reactive oxygen species) and RNS (reactive nitrogen species)*
  • Therapeutic amount of zeaxanthin (2 mg / Vcap) the most powerful carotenoid for eye protection*
  • Therapeutic amount of lutein (10 mg/ Vcap), another powerful carotenoid that promotes optimal eye health (marigold source- not synthesized)*
  • Excipient-free: No binders, fillers, glues or other toxic tagalongs as in tablets and trace amounts of gelatin in the capsules

Here's what you'll get - all in one bottle:

The perfect eye and vision support formula, including the macula; features Eye Integrity Support Blend with lutein and zeaxanthin (from marigold flower source).

Supplements Facts:
Serving Size: 1 capsule
Servings Per Container 60
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Eye Integrity Support Blend …. 414 mg*

(from Marigold flower)
Zeaxanthin……. 2mg*
(from Marigold flower)

*Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose Capsule

Advanced Eye & Vision Support Formula - 470 mg./Vcap, 60 Vcaps/bottle

Recommended usage:

- Therapeutic Dosage: 2 v/caps per day with or without meals, best taken at different times (take 1 of the capsules before bedtime for best results).
- Maintenance Dosage - 1 v/cap per day with or without meals (best taken before bedtime for best results)

Reviews | Benefits | Contains | Ingredient List

Customer Reviews

This is about the whole website Review by Elizabeth
I wanted to compliment all of those connected with this web-site. It is absolutely impeccable in every way.

I am an Australian customer and use my computer a lot for product and information. I cannot think of another site so helpful and gracious with free downloads and other offers.

I will be endorsing this site and its products to every one I know and using these products myself.

Well done! Finding this site has been an inspiration.
(Reviewed in 2015)
Tearing eyes Review by William Miao
My mother is 87, she had tearing eyes since two years ago, and she scared of light, she is otherwise a very healthy old lady. What eye products do you suggest for my mother? Thanks so much.

Here's what Dr. Grossman recommends for your mother:

Womens Tear Stimulation Homeopathic Eyedrops
HydroEye Gelcaps
Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula

Please don't hestitate to call us at 845-255-8222 if you have questions.

(Reviewed in 2015)
3 year old shortsightedness Review by bimbo
can i give my 3 yr old son diagnosed with shortsightedness?

Dr. Grossman's answer:
One-half capsule of the Advanced Eye and Vision Support formula would be fine for a toddler. (Reviewed in 2015)
For optic neuritis? Review by Kimmy
I am looking to help my vision - Does this product work for MS optic neuritis?

Yes, it is an excellent antioxidant formula for the eyes with some anti-inflammatory properties as well. Other recommended products include Krill Oil Complex Premium Formula. VItamin C (buffered), MSM Capsules, and the Optic Nerve Support Formula. (Reviewed in 2015)
is it good for eye migrane people? Review by tejas
Can I use this product to reduce the problem of eye migrane like for tired eyes, flashes etc. (Reviewed in 2015)
Can give to my dog? Review by Nina
Hi there,
I have a dog diagnosed with diabetes and now having cataracts. Can she take this (can be consumed by dogs?).

Answer: We recommend a combination of the VisioPlex Formula and Can-C eyedrops (pet dosage: 1 drop each eye 2x daily) (Reviewed in 2015)
Does this product work for Diabetic Retinopathy? Review by TomB

Does this product work for Diabetic Retinopathy? If so, which one is better - Advanced Eye & Vision Support (whole food) Formula OR Macular Degeneration Homeopathic Pellets?

OR should a Type I diabetic person take both of these tablets?

Please advise.


The Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula is an excellent one to take regarding diabetes and diabetic retinopathy as it has a range of antioxidants in a whole food, natural formula that supports the health of the retina and related blood vessels, as well and general health. This would be the most important one to take if you are only going to take 1 supplement for your eyes.

Other suggestions would be supplementing with Krill Oil, Ubiquinol to help strengthen blood vessels.

We also have an excellent product called GlycoEase which is a sublingual formula taken by mouth that helps balance sugar, makes the body more insulin-sensitive and supports the pancreas. Either with Type 1 or 2 diabetes, you should be monitoring your sugar blood levels daily, so if you notice after using the GlycoEase that your blood sugar levels are lower than the target goal, then you should discuss with your doctor adjustment of your medication accordingly.
(Reviewed in 2014)
. Review by sue
Can the capsule be broken opened and mixed with food?

Answer: Yes it can. (Reviewed in 2014)
question concerning implants Review by CHristy
Does this work with implanted eyes?

Answer from Dr. Grossman:
If the implanted eye is functional (a living eye), then the nutrients in the Advanced Eye and Vision Support help nourish the eye. (Reviewed in 2013)
question Review by victoria
Can i give this product to my 7-years old child? thank you!

Answer from Dr. Grossman:

Yes, we recommend one capsule per day with or without a meal.

The main reason to consider the Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula for a 7 year old is if that child has been found to have a genetic retinal disorder as this formula helps support the health of the retina. (Reviewed in 2013)
Chlorella Review by AS
Is your Japanese chlorella tested for radioactivity?

Answer: Yes, the manufacturer tests the Japanese chlorella for radioactivity. (Reviewed in 2013)
Improvement in my overall vision Review by RJB
I have been using your products-Advanced Eye & Vision Support Formula, ReVision (wild-crafted herbal formula), along with the MSM Eyedrops-for about two months, and I have had a tremendous improvement in my overall vision. I was diognosed with early stage Cataract-more advanced in my left eye, and such my Naturopathic Doctor suggested that I start using the items listed above to treat my various symptons, and as I said, so far the results have been exceptional. I whole heartedely endorse the use of these Natural Eye Care formulas to anyone experiencing the discomfort that comes along with Cataract disease.
(Reviewed in 2013)
Eyes are doing great. Review by M. J. Dikin, Macomb, MI
I truly enjoy taking Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula vegetable capsules for the past year. My vision is now clear and has actually improved. I am 65 yrs. old and three years ago was diagnosed with the start of cataracts. Had a great report from my eye doctor March 2013 who said my eyes are doing great with no changes to my prescription and said cataracts are nothing to be concerned about at this time. I am believing that when I continue taking Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula vegetable capsules, I probably will eliminate need to even have cataract surgery in the future. (Reviewed in 2013)
Macular Degeneration Prevention Review by Jennifer
Macular degeneration has run in our family so I keep an eye on it. Five years ago I noticed some broken lines on the amsler grid and began taking these advanced eye vitamins every day, two a day for a month or so, and one a day since then as a preventative. (Both parents also had cataracts).
At my previous eye exam the doctor noticed very little in the way of AMD, and said that I had the "normal" amount of cloudiness/cataract for someone of my age (65) and not to worry about it.
I just went to the eye doctor yesterday and asked him to specifically let me know about AMD and cataracts and glaucoma (since I am both a heavy computer user and myopic - which is a higher risk). He reported that my eyes looked great, that there was no sign of cataract or macular degeneration ("just a few insignificant drusen") and pressure was 13. We also discovered that my prescription had not changed in 5 years. Prior to that time I'd been changing my prescription every couple of years.
He said, whatever I was doing I should continue doing.
I'm really pleased that these eye vitamins appear to be a great prevention method to keep my vision healthy.
(Reviewed in 2013)
Expiry date Review by Ian
I got a bottle of your formula but it has no expiry date. Should I be concerned with it being authentic?

Answer: Hi Ian,

The first 6 digits of the lot# on the bottom of the bottle is the date of manufacture (YY/DD/MM). The products expiration is 2 years from date of manufacture. We typically make up new bottles every 4-5 months.

Michael Edson (Reviewed in 2013)
Relieving eye strain Review by GW, Sept 2012
"I'm very pleased with the Advanced Eye and Vision Support formula. It has been very instrumental in relieving my eye strain and the chronic pain behind my eyes. I will be ordering more of it in the near future."

GW Sept. 2012 (Reviewed in 2012)
excellent Review by Donald
Your product is the best one I have tried several. It does what you say it does (Reviewed in 2012)
AEV Works Miracles! Review by Shira
My eye doctor diagnosed me with the beginnings of a cataract in one eye. After just 6 months of AEV he could find no sign of a cataract and I could read an additional line on the eye chart with that eye! (Reviewed in 2012)
Dosage for Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula Review by Terrie
Therapeutic Dosage:
2 v/caps per day with or without meals, best taken at different times.

Does this mean 2 v/caps taken at the same time (or together) with or w/o meals but at different times every day?

Answer: at different times, ie, morning and afternoon or evening
(Reviewed in 2012)

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