BioTears Gel Caps

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Oral gel caps - helpful for chronic or severe dry eye syndrome.

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BioTears Gel Caps


This formulation was developed expressly for chronic (and severe) dry eyes.

BioTears was designed by a women-led research team that invesigated the nutritional basis of inflammed and dry eyes resulting from overwork, too many hours at the computer, allergies, and other causes. It is carefully redesigned whenever new nutritional research is available.

Research studies have suggested that these specific nutrients help to maintain normal production of tears and moisture from from the mucous membraines, not only of the eye, but of other parts of the body: vagina, joints & synovial membranes.

These gelcaps blend essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids with other nutrients that assist in their absorption and metabolism. They contain nutrients are suggested to modulate goblet cell/mucin production, tear gland and meibomian gland output, and to appropriately limit COX2 enzyme, prostaglandin PGE2 (inflammatory) and interleukin Il-6.

Each bottle contains 120 softgels.
- Recommended dosage is 4 capsules a day.

Serving Size: 2 Softgels
Servings: 60

  • Vitamin A (as retinyl palmitate) 1000 IU 20% RDA
  • Vitamin C (as Calcium ascorbate 100 mg 167%RDA and Ascorbyl Palmitate)
  • Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) 84 IU
  • Vitamin E (as mixed tocopherols oil) 20 IU 107% RDA
  • Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal-5-phosphate) 8 mg 400% RDA
  • Magnesium (as magnesium sulfate) 20 mg 5% RDA
  • Aloe Vera Oil (source of Mucopolysaccharides) 262 mg *
  • Cod Liver Oil 210 mg *
  • Black Currant Seed Oil 798 mg *
  • Turmeric (Curcuma longa) extract (root) .. 50 mg *
  • Lactoferrin (derived from milk compounds 10 mg *
  • Green Leaf Extract 50 mg *
  • Other ingredients: Gelatin, glycerin, carob extract, soy lecithin, yellow beeswax, titanium oxide and water.
  • No detectable mercury
  • *Daily Value not established

    NOTE: Keep container tightly closed in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep out of reach of children.

    Patients taking coumadin should check with their doctor since this formula may reduce clotting time.

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