Retinal Support

These vitamins and supplements support the health of the retina.

Retinal damage can have far-reaching and serious consequences. Such damage can occur in a variety of ways. Because damage resulting from nutritional deficiencies can occur it is generally considered a good idea to support retinal health with critical nutrients needed for healthy functioning of the retina.

Types of Damage

General retinal damage:

Genetic causes can give rise to development of retinal lesions; and damage to the photoreceptors. Young men (especially) can develop central serous choroidopathy as a result of stress, intake of toxins, bacterial infections and other stressors.

Wet & dry macular degeneration (choroidal neovascularization, macular degeneration) arises with abnormal blood vessels or enlarged drusen impacting/distorting the macula.

Imbalances in the body's sugar balance can damage the retina (diabetic retinopathy).

Abnormal contracting of macular tissue gives rise to epiretinal membrane, also known as macular pucker and similarly, a hole can develop in the macula. Lattice Degeneration occurs when peripheral retinal tissue atrophies and blood vessels develop in the eye in a characteristic lattice pattern.

Damage to photoreceptors contributes to light sensitivity and retinitis pigmentosa.

The retina itself can detach from the tissue behind it (retinal detachment) which can be a medical emergency.