Triple Magnesium 250 mg 90 caps

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Includes 3 forms of magnesium: magnesium glycinate, dimagnesium malate and magnesium oxide

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Triple Magnesium 250 mg 90 caps


Triple Magnesium 250 mg 90 caps

This formulation contains three forms of magnesium to make a complete nutrient - magnesium glycinate, dimagnesium malate, and magnesium oxide.

Research has indicated that magnesium is helpful for diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, osteoporosis, male infertility. Consult your health care provider to see whether you need magnesium.

Each capsule contains:
Magnesium (glycinate) 25 mg
Magnesium (citrate) 75 mg
Magnesium (oxide) 150 mg
Contains no coatings, binders, fillers, or dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, yeast, commercial sugars, starch, preservatives, or hydrogenated oil.

Suggested Use:
1 to 2 capsules one to two times daily

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