ReHydration 2 oz

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Homeopathic hydration management

ReHydration 2 oz


This homeopathic formulation is designed for those with chronic issues of dryness, thirst, mental sluggishness, headaches, or fatigue. It helps to manage dehydrationn resulting from diahhrea, excessive heat or other conditions - but is not a substitute for proper diet and medical attention. of dryness, thirst, fatigue, mental sluggishness and/or headaches.

Ingredients: Adenosinum cyclophosphoricum 12X, 30X;
Coffea cruda 9X;
Glandula suprarenalis suis 9X, 12X, 6C;
Hypothalamus 12X, 6C, 12C;
Kali phosphoricum 6X, 12X, 30X;
Natrum muriaticum 8X, 12X, 30X;
Sarsaparilla 4X, 6X, 12X, 6C;
Silicea 12X, 30X;
Taraxacum officinale 4X;
Thyroidinum 12X, 6C, 12C.

Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water 70%, Ethanol 15%, Glycerin 15%.

Directions: Add 15 drops per liter of water or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Shake well before use. Warning: In case of overdose, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

If pregnant or breast feeding, ask a healthcare professional before use. Keep out of reach of children.

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