Retinal Support RE Package 1 (3 month supply)

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Antioxidant combo & extra Vitamin A: 1-Retinal Support RE Formula & 3-Advanced Eye & Vision Support Formula (save $35.85 off retail)

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Retinal Support RE Package 1 (3 month supply)


Retinal Support RE Package 1 (3 month supply) – ($35.85 off retail / $40.85 discount on automatic delivery)

Combination of powerful antioxidants targeted for eye health including15,000IU of Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene), along with a range of other important antioxidants including: Vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid, l-carnitine, CoQ10, bilberry and lutein.

Package content includes:

Related Studies

Vitamins A and E
Berson and others found a significant beneficial effect for 15,000 IU of vitamin A supplements and a suggested adverse effect for 400 IU of vitamin E on the course of the common forms of RP. In other words, vitamin A slowed the rate of decline retinal function while vitamin E accelerated the decline. Larger doses of vitamin A were not associated with greater benefit.
A. Berson, Rosner, Sandberg, Hayes, Nicholson, Weigel-DiFranco, and Willette, 1993. A randomized trial of vitamin A and vitamin E supplementation for retinitis pigmentosa. Archives of Ophthalmology (June 1993), volume 111(6), pages 761-772.

Vitamins E, C, alpha lipoic acid
An study in an animal model of RP found that high dose antioxidants (vitamins E, C, alpha lipoic acid others) significantly reduced oxidative damage in cones, increased cone cell density and preserved cone function. These results, according to the Johns Hopkins authors, suggest that the gradual cone death that occurs after rod cells die is due to oxidative damage, and that antioxidants could provide benefit.
Komeima K, et al. Antioxidants reduce cone cell death in a model of retinitis pigmentosa. PNAS 103:1130-35, 2006.

Study suggests that suggest that supplementation with lutein improves visual field and may also modestly improve visual acuity.
Bahrami H, et al. Lutein supplementation in retinitis pigmentosa: PC-based vision assessment in a randomized double-masked placebo-controlled clinical trial. BMC Ophthalmology 6:23, 2006.

Thoughts on other nutrients in the formula:

Alpha Lipoic Acid (a co-factor of CoQ10) is a powerful fat and water-soluble antioxidant. It directly recycles vitamin C and indirectly recycles vitamin E, providing additional antioxidant protection. It is also an important component in the energy production process in the cells.

L-carnitine (a co-factor of CoQ10) helps maintain cellular energy metabolism by assisting in the transport of fat through the cell membrane and into the mitochondria within the cell, where fats are oxidized to produce the cellular energy ATP.

CoQ10 is an essential component of healthy mitochondrial function. CoQ10 is required to convert the energy from fats and sugars into usable cellular -energy also a potent antioxidant, helping protect proteins, and DNA of mitochondria from oxidation and supporting mitochondrial function.

Bilberry extracts have antioxidative properties that not only are neuroprotective but they also help suppress photooxidative processes and have been shown to improve microcapillary circulation. Microcapillary problems are often related to eye problems.

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