Tranquileyes Basic TE Blue Kit (TRANQ1)

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Tranquileyes Basic TE Blue Kit (TRANQ1)

Tranquileyes Basic TE Blue Kit (TRANQ1)


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Tranquileyes is a popular product to keep your eyes moist and protected if you experience severe dry eye at night, reoccuring corneal erosions, incomplete eyelid closing or similar conditions.

Tranquileyes is a soft, flexible, opaque goggle - providing moisture to be worn all night to protect the eyes. The goggle is lined with soft foam cushions conforming to the face with moisture pads to seal in moisture. The result: the goggles protect and rehydrate dry eyes at night. There are also some accessories such as heat inserts for brief daytime treatment.

This affordable kit get you started with the tranquileyes goggles and thermoeyes gel packs. Replacement foam cushions, pads and thermoeyes gel packs available.

tranquileyes for dry eyes

The Basic TE kit includes:

  • one pair of tranquileyes goggles with foam for sensitive skin
  • one set of thermoeyes instant reusable gel packs
  • one spare set of foam cushions with pads for replacement
  • net bag for drying
  • microfiber travel sack
  • anti-bacterial Cleanser for Foam (1.0 fl. oz.)
  • sample of OCuSOFT Lid Scrub Plus
  • product manual

Eye covers are made of soft, flexible rubber. Around the inside perimeter of each eye cover is an eye cushion, made of a soft foam which can be fabric-lined or plain foam (both types available in replacements).Each cover contains a removable dry or wet moisture pad. To use it wet, moisten with distilled water, squeeze out any excess and place it in the goggle before putting the goggle on. The kit includes a a soft fabric strap that keeps it the pads in place and which can be adjusted easily.

Made in the U.S., latex free.

Who can benefit from tranquileyes? : Tranquileyes may be very helpful if you:

  • Have been diagnosed with chronic dry eye
  • Have tired or sort eyes in the morning
  • Have dry eyes at at night
  • Use an artificial tear at night
  • Are bothered by air moving by vents or fans at night
  • Use a gel or ointment type lubricant at night
  • Wake in the night to re-apply the lubricant
  • Wake in the morning with dry eyes to the point of pain
  • Wake in the morning with "sticky eyelids"
  • Find that your eyes don't close all the way at night for a variety of reasons.

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