Zyflamend 60 softgels

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For inflammation and pain relief

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Zyflamend 60 softgels


Zyflamend is formulated of herbs known to have the effect of supporting healthy joints and joint tissue by reducing inflammation and promoting healing.


Two softgels contain:

Rosemary, (leaf),100 mg extract 150 mg and 50 mg extract (23% total phenolic antioxidants [TPA]-34.5 mg)

Turmeric, (rhizome), 10 mg extract 110 mg (45% turmerones-4.5 mg) and 100 mg PSE. extract (7% curcuminoids-7 mg)

Ginger, (rhizome) 54 mg extract 100 mg (30% pungent compounds-16.2 mg, 8% zingiberene-4.3 mg) and 46 mg PSE. extract (3% pungent compounds-1.4 mg)

Holy Basil, (leaf), extract (2% ursolic acid-2 mg) 100 mg

Green Tea, (leaf), extract (45% polyphenols-45 mg) 100 mg

Hu Zhang, (Polygonum cuspidatum), 80 mg (root & rhizome), extract (8% resveratrol-6.4 mg)

Chinese Goldthread, (root), extract 40 mg (6% berberine-2.4 mg)

Barberry, (root), extract (6% berberine-2.4 mg) 40 mg

Oregano, (leaf), supercritical extract 40 mg (0.8% TPA-0.32 mg)

Scutellaria baicalensis, (root), hydroethanolic 20 mg extract (17-26% baicalein complex including baicalein and baicalin - 3.4-5.2 mg, and 0.4-0.9% wogonin - 0.08-0.18 mg)

Other Ingredients: Olive oil-extra virgin, maltodextrin, silica and yellow beeswax. Capsule ingredients are: Gelatin, vegetable glycerin, purified water and carob.

Suggested dosage: One softgel twice daily with meals, or as directed by your medical provider.

Women who are pregnant, nursing or contemplating pregnancy should consult with their doctor before taking this product.

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