Special Vision Nutritional Formulations

  • For conditions that require avoiding certain nutrients
  • Formulations for specific vision conditions

NaturalEyeCare's Custom Formulas

macula CF
Dr. Grossman's Macula CF Support Formula (Coumadin Friendly)

A powerful antioxidant for people on blood thinning medications such as Courmadin or Plavix, who must avoid nutrients like Gingko Biloba or Vitamin E that have blood thinning qualities.

Retinal Support Stargardt's

Retinal Support ST Formula

especially formulated for people seeking a formula to support the retina but who should avoid supplementing with betacarotene or Vitamin A.

Retinal Support

Retinal Support RE Formula

designed for overall retinal / photoreceptor cell support.

advanced lens support

Advanced Lens Support Formula

designed to support the health of the eye lens and overall eye health.

vitreous support
Dr. Grossman's Vitreous Support formula

helps support the Vitreous Humour (capsule that helps keep the shape of the back of our eyes) and an excellent companion to our ReVision Formula for support this part of the eyes.