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You don't need to login to our store until you are ready to checkout. Our store software is able to keep track of your shopping cart until then. You can set up an account with your preferred email and your own private password. The store software will store your shipping address(s) and you can save your cart to come back later.

We will not send you any emails unless you elect to also receive our free newsletter (there's a check box to receive it or not). We promise to protect the privacy of your email.

Product Selection

With affordability in mind, we carefully select the highest quality products based on peer review research, ease of absorption and nutrients. We do not carry multilevel marketed products. We actively replace products with improved versions as they become available to best meet the specific needs of our customers.



Any unopened products may be returned within 60 days for a full refund less shipping.


The products we offer are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, and consistent with the descriptions as detailed on our website.


All products are shipped either by US Post Office or through UPS. We will try our best to accommodate any specific shipping requests, which must be made by email or by phone. Orders are processed and shipped typically within 2 business days.