Natural Eye Care: Your Guide to Healthy Vision and Healing

Natural Eye Care: Your Guide to Healthy Vision and Healing

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New! Natural Eye Care's comprehensive guide to healthy vision and healing has been revised and updated to include new findings in research, technical advances, understanding why eye disease occurs, and what to do about it. The new, revised, 2nd edition contains:

  • Almost 800 pages of detailed information about the eye, eye conditions, and eye care
  • Information on conventional and complementary care for 48 vision conditions
  • Over 2000 research studies that were used to make recommendations
  • Over 50 colored illustrations that explain eye conditions to non-scientists
  • Contributions by health and vision professionals who are experts in their field
  • Self help tips and recommendations
  • Information on other modalities for vision care such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, essential oils, and acupressure.


The world is changing. Our concepts of Western medicine have shifted over the past 10–20 years with a vast amount of new research coming out regularly that supports the benefit of lifestyle, diet, and targeted supplementation. The reductionist mentality of referring only to each symptom often isolates the person from the health condition, defining them in terms of diagnosis and specific medications for that diagnosis.

The wholistic and Eastern medicine approach seeks to look at each person as a unique individual where treatment strategies can often vary from person to person, even with the same diagnosis. It has been my privilege and pleasure to work with Dr. Grossman the last couple of decades, and he has opened my eyes to perceiving vision problems in a new light. Dr. Grossman believes that changes in our eyesight do not happen in a vacuum, rather they have roots in our total being, including our genetic makeup, the food we eat, our exercise routine, management of stress levels and emotions, exposure to airborne toxins, as well as general belief systems about ourselves and the world around us. Each of us is unique, and we literally take in the world around us through our senses, primarily our vision. How we take in the world is often a reflection of who we are and which symptoms and health conditions we experience.

Using their combined background in optometry, nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, and Qigong, Marc Grossman, OD, L.Ac. and Michael Edson, MS, L.Ac., along with contributing doctors and health care practitioners, offer readers specific natural strategies for supporting and protecting healthy vision. This includes those genetically at risk for certain eye diseases, as well as patients working with their eye doctor to manage eye conditions, which include macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, Stargardt disease, rod-cone dystrophy, cataracts, eye floaters, computer eyestrain, and dry eyes. This exceptional book will open our eyes to the power that lies within us to help take control of our vision and overall health. It will reconnect us to the basic truth that the body’s own natural wisdom and ability to heal can be supported through the right nourishment, through our belief system, diet, exercise, and targeted herbs and supplements.

Natural Eye Care: Your Guide to Healthy Vision and Healing offers a bridge where Western medicine, Western nutrients, and Eastern healing wisdom come together to help the whole person heal and, just as importantly, stay healthy.

Jason Elias, M.A., L.Ac. co-author of:
The Five Elements of Self-Healing, Feminine Healing
The A-Z Guide to Healing Herbal Remedies
The Memoir: Kissing Joy as it Flies: A Journey in Search of Healing and Wholeness

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Anatomy and Physiology1
Chapter 2. How the Eye Works5
Chapter 3. Conventional Approach to Vision9
Chapter 4. A Complementary Approach11


Chapter 5. The Role of Antioxidants15
Chapter 6. Inflammation and Oxidative Stress21
Chapter 7. Diet and Vision
7-1. Healthy Eating25
7-2. Alkalizing Diet27
7-3. Mediterranean Diet29
7-4. Omega-3 and Omega-6 Balance31
7-5. Phytate Reduction33
7-6. The Vision Diet37
7-7. Other Diets49
Chapter 8. Nutrients
8-1. Nutrient Families59
8-2. Phytonutrients: Carotenoids61
8-3. Phytonutrients: Bioflavonoids73
8-4. Vitamins and Vitamin-Like87
8-5. Essential Fatty Acids105
8-6. Enzymes111
8-7. Amino Acids115
8-8. Minerals123
8-9. Herbs129
Chapter 9. Traditional Chinese Medicine
9-1. Overview135
9-2. TCM: Disease and Food139
9-3. The Chinese Five Elements145
9-4. Acupuncture149
Chapter 10. Self Help and More
10-1. Self-Help Suggestions161
10-2. About Juicing165
10-3. Microcurrent Stimulation169
10-4. Eye Exercises and Acupressure179
10-5. Vision and Personality189
10-6. Visual Hygiene203
10-7. Yoga and Vision209
10-8. Aging and Vision217
Chapter 11. Natural Eye Care for Pets225
Chapter 12. Drugs233


Chapter 13. Refractive Eye Conditions
13-1. Astigmatism255
13-2. Farsightedness (Hyperopia and Presbyopia)261
13-3. Nearsightedness (Myopia)267
Chapter 14. Binocular Vision Disorders
14-1 Binocular Overview277
14-2 Amblyopia279
14-3 Convergence Insufficiency285
14-4 Strabismus289
Chapter 15. Internal Eye Conditions
15-1. Cataracts293
15-2. Color Blindness309
15-3. Central Serous Retinopathy317
15-4. Computer Eye Syndrome327
15-5. Cone-Rod Dystrophy341
15-6. Diabetic Retinopathy351
15-7. Dry Eyes367
15-8. Epiretinal Membrane (Macular Pucker)377
15-9. Floaters385
15-10. Fuchs’ Disease391
15-11. Glaucoma399
15-12. Iritis427
15-13. Keratoconus437
15-14. Lattice Degeneration443
15-15. Leber’s Disease (Optic Neuropathy)451
15-16. Light Sensitivity (Photophobia)465
15-17. Lyme Disease and Vision473
15-18. Macular Degeneration479
15-19. Macular Edema501
15-20. Macular Hole513
15-21. Night Vision519
15-22. Ocular Migraine531
15-23. Optic Nerve Atrophy541
15-24. Optic Neuritis553
15-25. Retinal Detachment563
15-26. Retinal Vein Occlusion569
15-27. Retinitis Pigmentosa579
15-28. Sjogren’s Syndrome591
15-29. Stargardt Disease603
15-30. Usher Syndrome615
15-31. Uveitis625
15-32. Vitreous Detachment635
Chapter 16. External Eye Conditions
16-1. Bags Under the Eyes643
16-2. Blepharitis651
16-3. Conjunctivitis659
16-4. Ocular Herpes665
16-5. Ocular Rosacea675
16-6. Ptosis683
16-7. Pterygium and Pinguecula689
16-8. Styes and Chalazia695
16-9. Subconjunctival Hemorrhage705


A-1. Juicing Recipes by Eye Condition711
A-2. About Supplement Absorption715
A-3. Effect of Mobile Devices on Vision719
A-4. Protection from Sun Damage723
A-5. Recommended Products727
A-6. Amsler Test731
A-7. Additional Therapies733
A-8. Magic Eye739
A-9. Essential Oils741
A-10. Vision and Alzheimer's749
A-11. Alkalizing Food Charts751
A-12. Soaking and Sprouting753
A-13. Vision Related Organizations755
A-14. Dental Care and Vision757
A-15. Pesticides in Produce: The Dirty Dozen759
A-16. Emergency Eye Care761
A-17. Alcohol and Your Eyes763
A-18. Contributors to the Guide765

Natural Eye Care: Your Guide to Healthy Vision and Healing, 2nd Ed.
By Marc Grossman, O.D. L.Ac. and Michael Edson, L.Ac.
Edited by Jennifer W. Miller
P. 799 Cm. 8.5" x 11"
48 color illustrations
Includes appendix and index
ISBN: 978-0-692-07431-2

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