Improve Your Eye Health with Eastern and Western Methods

Presenter: Marc Grossman and Daniel Orlansky

Improve vision and soothe strained and tired eyes by developing a daily practice with Eastern and Western methods.

When, What, and How

Registration: Goodby Tired Eyes

DATE: May 8, 2024
7:00-9:00 pm EDT


TUITION: Member: $35, Sliding scale: $33-$55

The increased time we spend staring at computer screens and smartphones takes a toll on our eyes. But we can develop a daily practice to help strengthen vision and soothe our strained and tired eyes. Led by behavioral optometrist Marc Grossman and yoga teacher Daniel Orlansky, this 2-hour interactive course introduces a combination of the best practices for improving eye health from Eastern and Western methods.


Holistic Eye Care

Presenter: Marc Grossman

Gain skills to enhance your perception of the world and improve your vision with holistic eye-care innovator Dr. Marc Grossman.

When, What, and How

Registration: Awaken Third Eye

DATE: June 21-23, 2024

LOCATION: Rhinebeck, NY

TUITION: Member: $310.00, Standard: $345.00

Using a range of mind-body therapies, including Chinese medicine, applied kinesiology, holistic vision, and Continuum Movement therapy, Marc’s innovative approach helps you see more into all areas of your life, from personal and business relationships to career and financial decisions.