Homeopathy for Eye Problems

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Homeopathic medicine is a specialized discipline or branch of Alternative, Holistic, or Natural Medicine.

The word "Homeopathy" comes from the Greek word "homeo" meaning the same or like. Otherwise, Homeopathy means "like cures like". Homeopathy uses substances found in nature, either plant, animal, or mineral, which would ordinarily cause a problem or a disease (or mimic symptoms of a condition) if one comes in contact or ingests these substances. Homeopathic remedies are used to treat that same or similar dysfunction in a human being.


For instance, as a natural eye care treatment, if someone has red, swollen eyes, using a targeted homeopathic preparation such as Apis can often resolve this problem. Let's look at Apis which is honeybee serum. Normally, when the honeybee stings, it causes a red, swollen area on the body where it occurred. Yet using Apis in an extremely diluted homeopathic preparation has the opposite effect by improving and even resolving the red, swollen eye issue. The dilution is so small that there is no physical evidence of the honeybee serum left in the homeopathic remedy. Homeopathy utilizes only highly diluted substances and not the full strength herb, plant, mineral or animal. This is the distinction between natural medicines and homeopathic medicines, although a possible comparison is when one receives a flu shot where a tiny fragment of genetic material from the bacteria or virus is given to the body to initiate an immune response that helps prevent getting the actual flu later.

Homeopathic medicines are good choices for home treatment of simple first aid or acute (non-emergency) health problems, because they have no harmful side effects unlike chemical drugs. If the remedy chosen is incorrect for the problem, then nothing will happen and the problem will not resolve. There will be no adverse side effects from using it and this makes it particularly safe for giving to children and animals.

Here are a few homeopathic remedies and their keynotes, which may prove helpful for eye problems:

(Please note, that if there is any serious injury or trauma to the eyes, then professional help should be sought. These remedies are for simple, non-complicated eye problems. If the problem persists, please visit your eye doctor or obtain emergency care.)


relieves the pain and inflammation in an eye injury, usually given as the first line of defense as soon as the injury or trauma has occurred. It is also given for pain due to a foreign object in the eye (this does not replace a visit to your eye doctor as needed). Aconite's relief is just temporary and often immediate.


is good for bruising, black eyes, and bleeding. It can be taken internally every hour if needed until the eye feels better or when the bruise and swelling is decreased. It is also good for eye socket injuries, and for injury to the soft tissue surrounding the eyes.


is useful for dryness due to lack of aqueous

Arsenicum album

is useful for dryness due to inflammation


is useful for pain, swelling, heat, allergy eyes, and pressure sensation.


is good for sudden onset of red, hot, burning, itchy eyes.

Calcarea flourica

is good for capillary integrity

Calcarea phosphorica

is helpful for the sensation of a foreign body in the eye.


is helpful for corneal healing and corneal health and vitality.


is used for eye pain and cloudy vision.


may help dimming of the vision.

Cineraria maritima

supports circulation within the eye to supply nourishment and drain toxins. It is well known for its use in treating cataracts, especially early cataracts.1

Chamomilla matricaria

is helpful to reduce pain and irritation.1


is helpful for general dryness, redness and irritation of the eye and eyelid.2


is helpful for eye pressure balance


is used for eye injury, excessively painful eyes or blood shot eyes or any nervous affliction of the eyelids or eyes, such as excessive blinking. Also used for eye pain, which follows removal of a foreign object from the eye. Also for long-lasting enduring pain.

Kalium phosphoricum

is helpful for weak vision, health of the optic nerve


can be useful for bruising or black eyes if Arnica does not alleviate the problem. The keynote for using ledum is the presence of puncture wounds.


is helpful for the optic nerve


supports blood health and circulation

Natum muriaticum

is useful for the health of the eye

Nux moschata

is helpful for aggravation from cold air, dry air.

Nux vomica

for dryness, light intolerance, pain


is useful for retinal haemorrhage

Ruta graviolens

is useful for eyestrain, computer eyes, or close up work. For painful, red, hot eyes. Also for headache due to eyestrain.


is helpful for cataract, sensation of spots and specks on cornea


supports relief from glare, veiled vision, streaks of light.


is helpful for cataract, conjunctiva health


is helpful for the sensation of a foreign body in the eye.


is used for dryness, redness of the eye and lid and allergies.


is beneficial for eyeball injuries, such as being hit with a snowball, a tennis or baseball, or any other blunt object striking the eye.

Zincum mettalicum

is used for pain and headache.

Editor's Note: Homeopathic eyedrops are helpful for dry eyes, glaucoma, Fuch's dystrophy, macular degeneration, cataracts, floaters and retinal and macular health.

Homeopathy overview   A   B   C   E-H   K-L   N-R   S


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