10 Million Dollar Grant for Retinal Disease Research

The National Eye Institute has just given researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine a $10.1 million grant to study and develop new treatments for diseases that affect the eye’s retina.  Part of their research will focus on the development and treatment of macular degeneration and Stargardt’s Disease.

Researchers will be looking at how the eye metabolizes essential vitamin A and how it deals with the toxic byproducts of that process.  If the build-up of those byproducts is not managed by the body properly then one is likely to develop eye disease.  Source: https://www.physorg.com/wire-news/54994484/case-western-reserve-receives-10m-to-study-retinal-disease-devel.html

Because this grants is in part funded by the Food and Drug Administration, researcher will focus on analyzing the effectiveness of current drugs and formulating new pharmaceutical options.

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