Central Serous Choroidopathy/Retinopathy: Leaks that Damage the Eye

Central Serous Choroidopathy, also known as Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR) and Central Serous Chorioretinopathy (CSC), is an eye condition which causes visual impairment. It usually occurs in one eye, and it is usually temporary. But studies show that both eyes are affected on a cellular level even when damage is only apparent in one eye. … Continue reading “Central Serous Choroidopathy/Retinopathy: Leaks that Damage the Eye”

Do Computer Screens Affect Eyesight?

Computer users are concerned about their vision. When we recently searched online for “vision computer screen” the top four searches were: Do computer screens affect eyesight? Can staring at a computer screen cause double vision? Is computer vision syndrome serious? How do you get rid of computer vision syndrome? The answer to the first 3 … Continue reading “Do Computer Screens Affect Eyesight?”

Which Parts of the Eyes Are Associated with Which Eye Diseases?

The eyes are small, but they have many parts including the eyelids, sclera, cornea, lens, optic nerve and retina. We depend heavily on our vision. When something goes wrong, the eyes are disproportionately affected. For example, a senior at risk of heart disease is also at risk of an ocular arterial or vein occlusion. Also, … Continue reading “Which Parts of the Eyes Are Associated with Which Eye Diseases?”

Iritis – Minor Irritation or Major Warning?

Iritis is a common diagnosis that literally means “inflammation of the iris,” the colored part of the eye. Anterior uveitis is a more technical term for iritis. There are many possible causes, and sometimes the cause cannot be identified. Due to the complexity of the vision system, any suspected case of eye inflammation should be … Continue reading “Iritis – Minor Irritation or Major Warning?”