Blue Light & Your Vision (and more!)

We have written extensively about how excess exposure to blue light can, over time, negatively affect vision. Not only does it affect our vision and ability to fall asleep, but it can also harm skin health, and neural pathways in the brain are affected in various ways.

Wi-Fi, Cellphones & EMF Pollution

Exposure to electromagnetic fields has been considered a potential contributor or cause to many chronic illnesses for about 20 years.  What is becoming more apparent is that EMF pollution when combined with toxins and poor diet makes chronic disease more likely. Toxins are found in foods, the environment, and prescription drugs. Poor diet (standard western … Continue reading “Wi-Fi, Cellphones & EMF Pollution”

EMF Pollution Studies May Indicate Ill Effects

Can electromagnetic (EMF) pollution represent any harm to the human body? These three research studies may indicate ill effects of EMF pollution on the brain and body. The first studied cell phones’ impact on brain chemistry; the second looked at the impact on the brain of radiation from wireless devices; and the third revealed that … Continue reading “EMF Pollution Studies May Indicate Ill Effects”

Cell Phones, Airport Scanners & Radiation Exposure

People who use cell phones for at least half an hour every day over many years (ie, 10 years) have more than 33% chance of developing malignant tumors in the brain, according to a landmark 2010 study from the World Health Organization. (reported by the New York Times) Researchers  examined the amount of radio frequency … Continue reading “Cell Phones, Airport Scanners & Radiation Exposure”