Acupressure Helps Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries

acupressure Acupressure – using the fingers to stimulate acupuncture points along the body’s energy meridian system – has been found to improve brain activity in those suffering from mild traumatic brain injuries.

The study, published in the Journal of Neurotrauma, involved the Jin Sin style of acupressure.  Of the 38 subjects in the trial, some experienced treatments involving real acupuncture points while the rest of the participants received touch on other parts of the body.  Those who received acupressure scored higher on memory and cognition tests.

According to lead study author Theresa Hernandez, “We would like to see if the Jin Shin treatment is useful to military veterans returning home with traumatic brain injury, a signature wound prevalent in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Hernandez. The Jin Shin acupressure treatment can be taught to family and friends of those with TBI and can even be used as a self-treatment, which could allow for more independence, she said.  Source: Science Daily

Stimulating acupressure points around the eyes can be an effective way to soothe strained eyes.  This video offers an example of how a simple massage involving acupuncture points can soothe tired eyes.