Antioxidants Proven to Benefit Health

image by jbolhuis

We believe strongly in the healing power of antioxidants, specifically in how they can help maintain and improve eye health.

You may have heard about a 2007 analysis of data related to antioxidants that said taking antioxidant supplements increases one’s mortality risk.  A new analysis of available data shows that the previous study published in Journal of the American Medical Association that said the caused a 16% increase in mortality was incorrect.

In fact, 36%  of the trials showed a positive outcome or that the antioxidant supplements were beneficial, 60% showed antioxidants had no effect, and only 4% published a negative outcome.

The new study says that those with nutritional deficiencies will benefit most from antioxidant supplements.  Also, too much of a good thing can just be a waste of money – there appears to be a threshold above which additional supplement intake has no effect.

Source: Nutraingredients

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Antioxidants can help to prevent or treat many eye conditions including: macular degeneration and cataracts.