Artichokes, Pecans, and Blueberries All Protect Against Macular Degeneration

Image via USDA

Can artichokes, blueberries and pecans save your sight?

A study out of Brigham Young University and Weill Medical College of Cornell University showed that the antioxidants found in these common foods can impede the onset of age-related blindness.  Antioxidants disrupt the link between two processes within the retina that cause macular degeneration.

Learn more about this study, as published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry and other studies related to macular degeneration at our website.


Research published in the Journal of Nutrition shows that pecans are a good source of antioxidants.  Better yet, the study shows that the human body is capable of absorbing the antioxidizing compounds by eating the nut itself.


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