Atrial Fibrillation Patients Fare Better With Yoga

What would it take to get you on a yoga mat?  How about the possibility of cutting in half your chances of suffering episodes of dangerous irregular heartbeats if you suffer from a condition called atrial fibrillation.

A new study out of Mid-America Cardiology at the University of Kansas Hospital describes how doing yoga three times per week ups quality of life and lowers anxiety and depression rates in people with atrial fibrillation.

Generally, atrial fibrillation is treated with invasive surgery or medication with heavy side effects.  In this study, 49 people between age 25 and 70 with this heart condition began a thrice weekly yoga practice for three months.  They had 2.1 episodes of atrial fib while doing yoga compared  to the three months prior to the trial when they only did non-yogic exercise during which time they had an average of 3.8 episodes.  Source: HealthFinder

A regular practice of yoga can benefit your health in so many ways.  Read an article by our do-founder Dr. Marc Grossman on “The Yoga of Vision.”