Avastin as effective as Lucentis for Wet AMD

man using microscope
Image by Scott Bauer, via USDA

A new study, led by Dr. Daniel Martin, an ophthalmologist at the Cleveland Clinic’s Cole Eye Institute, has found that the cancer drug Avastin offers macular degeneration patients the same benefits as the drug Lucentis, which was specifically formulated to treat the disease.
“The results of our study show that Lucentis and Avastin are virtually identical, in terms of visual acuity achieved, when they’re given on the same dosing frequency,” Martin said in a press release. “For example, if you compare Lucentis given monthly versus Avastin given monthly, it’s virtually identical for visual acuity achieved in one year.”

The big difference between these two drugs is in their cost. Avastin costs about $50 per treatment compared to $2,000 for Lucentis.

The study’s complete findings were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Editor’s Note: This is good news for seniors who cannot afford the Medicare co-payments for Lucentis treatments.

This research was substantiated by another study:

After a year long study, researchers from Boston University School of Medicine and the VA Boston Healthcare System found no differences between  Avastin and Lucentis showed that neither was more effective than the other when it comes to treating wet macular degeneration.

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