Blood Vessel Support and Prevention Package for Macular Degeneration Support

blood vessel growth prevention packageA major problem with advanced Macular Degeneration is the growth of blood vessels in the eye. These unwanted blood vessels develop in the late stages of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD), also known as “wet” ARMD. Dr. Marc Grossman at Natural Eye Care has developed a package of supplements aimed at strengthening the retina and reducing the risk of new blood vessel growth.

New blood vessels obscure vision. Wet ARMD patients have few options. Doctors can sometimes zap the eye with lasers in an attempt to reduce the rate of future blood vessel growth. Oral drugs such as ranibizumab can help stop new blood vessels from developing. Injectable drugs are also aimed at stopping the extra blood vessel growth. All these options carry potential side effects and damage.

In consultation with their eye doctors, some wet AMD patients have tried research-based targeted nutrition. Certain vitamins, nutrients, homeopathics, and Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies are aimed at supporting the eyes. The AMD Package 4G2 contains nutrients to help strengthen the retina, and blood vessels, and reduce the risk of new unwanted blood vessel growth.

Contents of the ARMD Package

Advanced Eye and Vision Support Formula provides antioxidants for both eyes and total body health. Eye-specific nutrients include lutein, bilberry, special Chinese herbs, carrot root, and more.

Krill Oil Complex is an important source of omega-3 fatty acids.  Additionally, krill provides a treasured antioxidant for heart and vision health called “astaxanthin.” (LINK)

Vitamin D3 is for retinal and overall body support. Research has indicated this vitamin could reduce ARMD risk.1 Many Americans have low vitamin D due to indoor activities and less sunlight exposure in the winter. Vitamin D supports immunity, skeletal health, the heart, and cognition.

Dr. Grossman’s Blood Vessel Formula is designed to help prevent the growth of unwanted blood vessels. This wild-crafted herbal formula is based on a National Institutes of Health study.2 Includes ginkgo biloba, grape extract, cinnamon, ginseng and more. Click for ingredients.

See the AMD Package 4G2 in the Natural Eye Care Store.

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