New Blue Light Protecting and Night Vision Supplement Package

blue light from the sunNatural Eye Care has announced a new supplement package aimed at protecting the eyes from blue light damage and supporting night vision. A significant body of scientific research has shown that the ingredients are helpful to the eyes. The “Blue Light Protecting/Night Vision Supplement Package” contains two formula with specific nutrients to help protect the eyes from blue light and UVA exposure (as well as supporting overall eye health): Dr. Grossman’s Advanced Eye and Vision Support Eye Formula and Astaxanthin in a therapeutic dose.

Sunlight contains ultra-violet or blue light. Thinning of the atmosphere and longer lifespans mean this all-natural light source can damage the eyes overtime. Experiments have directly demonstrated how UV light causes oxidative damage to the retina. Excessive blue light has been linked to macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other age-related eye diseases. The formation of cataracts may be the body’s attempt to shield the retina from blue light. Artificial lighting currently favors LED lightbulbs, high in blue light content. For many, our eyes are glued to LCD screens on smartphones, tablets, computers, and televisions most waking hours. These devices emit blue light. Wearing sunglasses outdoors and limiting screen time can help, as well as wearing blue light protecting glasses while on the computer. Additionally, certain nutrients have been shown to mitigate the effects of blue light on the retina.

blue light supplementsAstaxanthin is a highly powerful antioxidant that the retina absorbs easily. According to research, this nutrient protects nerve cells from free radical damage. Animals studies1 have shown astaxanthin reversing retinal injury and protecting photoreceptors from blue light damage. Astaxanthin is found in certain types of algae, pink seafood, and specific types of yeast. A therapeutic dose is generally considered to be 4 mg to 6 mg per day. The Blue Light Protecting/Night Vision Supplement Package provides 6 mg per day. Derived from an algae extract, the astaxanthin in this package is free from genetically modified ingredients, wheat, and gluten.

Dr. Grossman’s Advanced Eye and Vision Support Eye Formula is packed with research-based ingredients including lutein and zeaxanthin. This vegetarian supplement also includes bilberry, broccoli, chlorella, carrot, tomato and more for overall vision support. Dr. Marc Grossman developed the formula based on decades of experience in optometry and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The ingredients are the highest quality, free from GMOs, wheat, gluten, and more.

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