DHA For Infant Eye Health

Do omega-3’s help infant eye development?  The European Parliament is going to vote on whether manufacturers are allowed to claim that DHA helps babies’ eyes.

The issue of how and what to feed babies is always controversial, especially when one wades into the breast milk versus formula debate.  In this case, the question is whether infant formula should be supplemented with DHA.

The March of Dimes does recommend that pregnant women get enough DHA to enable health brain and eye development.  They say, “After the baby is born, DHA consumed through breastfeeding may also help the baby’s eyes and vision… Breast milk is the preferred way for infants to consume adequate amounts of DHA and ARA. If the mother decides not to breast feed, then the infant should be fed only supplemented formulas which contain DHA and ARA. Adequate DHA levels may lead to improved developmental outcomes, including improved mental, visual and motor skill development.”  Source: March of Dimes