Diabetes Speeds the Aging Process

The American Diabetes Association tells us that 8.3% of Americans have diabetes.  Another 79 million people are thought to be pre-diabetic.  Those numbers are staggering, especially when a new report describes how diabetes contributes to premature aging.

A study published in the Diabetes & AgingJournal of General Internal Medicine describes how diabetics in their 50s are more likely to age before their time.  People with diabetes between the ages of 51 and 70 all exhibit markers associated with aging including cognitive impairment, incontinence, falls, dizziness, vision impairment, and pain before their non-diabetic counterparts.

Researchers credit this all-over increased aging process to the fact that diabetes affect multiple organ systems.
Source: Life Extension Daily News

One of the main organs that feels the effects of diabetes?  The eyes.  Diabetic retinopathy.  One quarter of those with diabetes have compromised vision.