Diabetics Know Lifestyle Changes Improve Health, But Behaviors Are Hard to Change

Diabetes & Lifestyle changes
Image via cancer.gov

Changes in lifestyle are usually the most important way that individuals with diabetes can control their conditions.  Most people seem to know this, but a new survey shows that many diabetics do not follow that advice.

A study called SHIELD (The Study to Help Improve Early Evaluation and Management of Risk Factors Leading to Diabetes), which was presented at the annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association, surveyed nearly 4,000 people with type 2 diabetes.  In response to questions about the link between diabetes and obesity, 87% said they knew excessive weight contributed the disease, but only 70% of respondents reported trying to lose weight in the preceding year.  Only a third of those surveyed had managed to maintain their target weight for longer than six months.  Almost one-fifth of those studied (17%) said they preferred to take medication to control their conditions rather than try diet and exercise.

Source: WebMD

At Natural Eye Care, we recommend that those with diabetes and the related condition diabetic retinopathy manage their condition with proper lifestyle habits, dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, and exercise.  We also recommend this approach to people with a host of other eye conditions including macular degeneration and glaucoma.  When there is something wrong with your eyes, it is so rarely just about the eyes themselves – so often the eyes are indicating that there is an issue affecting the rest of the body as well. For example, glaucoma has been linked to cardiovascular deaths and Alzheimer’s disease.