Diabetic Retinopathy: New Video Diagnostic Technology


Diabetic retinopathy should be easier to detect with a new video imaging technique being developed in Australia.

At the Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) Congress researchers presented on how retinal video recording is as accurate at detecting diabetic retinopathy as the commonly established diagnostic practices – still photography and slit lamp examination.  The initial trial involved 200 eyes at the Royal Perth Hospital.  According to presenter Dr. Daniel Ting, Digital video “is able to image a larger area of retina within a shorter period of time, compared to the conventional retinal still photography.  It also provides a good continuity of retinal information and is less dependent on the cooperation of the patients who may move or lose focus during the process of still photography.”

It is hoped that the technology will allow Australian primary healthcare providers to do in-office screenings rather than current diagnostic practices that require more time and specialized training.

Source: VirtualMedicalCentre

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