Eye Exercises Promote Vision Health

eye exercises for vision Everyone knows that exercise is important to good health, but did you know that the eyes also need exercise? The eye is a delicate and complex organ. Each eye is controlled by six small muscles. If these muscles are misused, over-worked, under-worked or used unevenly, eye problems can develop. Just fitting in a few minutes of eye exercises each day helps strengthen the eye muscles, allowing for better functioning and addressing possible vision problems.

Problems with the eye muscles are implicated in nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. Exercise may make the lens more flexible, which is especially interesting to people over age 40 with presbyopia. People who wear glasses or contacts sometimes find that their prescription stabilizes or even gets better after they start doing eye exercises regularly. Eye exercises are also great for relieving eye strain from computer use, reading and studying. They can help support healthy circulation and flow of energy in the eyes. This helps support the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients.

Natural Eye Care has written an ebook about eye exercises. The downloadable PDF has a daily vision fitness program you can use to strengthen your eyes. You can use it from your tablet or computer, or print it out (10 pages).

click to request the ebookThe ebook, called “Exercises To Keep the Eyes Healthy,” explains how and when to do the exercises, and how to prepare yourself. Then, it describes 11 simple eye exercises, including breathing, palming, figure eights, the hot dog, focusing, scanning, zooming, eye massage and sunning.

For even better results, you can choose to try painlessly pressing on specific acupressure points with your fingers. These points are directly aimed at improving vision wellness. Finally, the ebook lists simple lifestyle tips for better vision, including nutrition, water intake, stress management, and exercise recommendations.

The ebook is available for instant download on the NaturalEyeCare.com website.

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