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I was referred to your eye exercises on YouTube and found them phenomenal. I had laser eye surgery a few years ago and was enjoying being glasses/contact free for about 6 years until quite recently, in my mid-40s, I started to need a very weak prescription for reading glasses. Your exercises are helping me read without glasses and are taking a huge strain off my eyes during computer work.

Thank you!, Angie E.

My severe headache is gone. Better than aspirin. Thank you.

M, youtube video comment

Thank you so much. I wear Progressive eyeglasses and was experiencing eye strain. Your exercises helped immensely. And so simple. Why didn’t my ophthalmologist suggest this?

Thanks again. J. Morris, Long Island, NY

I am a 58 yr old woman who started your exercises [which I downloaded] did them for 4 mos and much to my SURPRISE my long [distance] vision has improved. I found that my cheater glasses were giving me trouble’ [ they became too strong } and found a pair of glasses I got over 6 yrs ago and I can see perfectly with them – am I IMPRESSED? Yes!

Thank You, C. R. Raiter

When I was in the fourth grade, I joined the ranks of four-eyed, near-sighted Asian nerd kids. Each year, my vision worsened until by 41, I was legally blind. Then I started seeing holistic eye doctor Marc Grossman. And now, wow.

You know how people talk about having 20-20 vision? Well, over the past decade, I’ve gone from 650-20 to 275-20. The doctor’s prescription involved doing eye exercises and letting go emotionally. I don’t need reading glasses either! …

The issue of drawing came up during a check-up two years ago. I was busy ranting about my parents. (Yes, I was still having trouble with letting go.) It was a time when I was realizing just how much Mom and Dad’s decision to force me into right-handedness messed me up emotionally. I grew up constantly doubting myself. In matters of life and love, being spontaneous was not my m.o.

Well, Marc listened patiently. “Are you interested in learning to draw?” he asked. What? Being in the holistic world means that I’m used to non-sequiturs. But this one surprised even me. Then, he explained. Drawing would get me to see in a different way. And I could do it with my left hand (the one handed activity that my parents could not break me of).