Why We Get Red, Irritated Eyes

Almost all of us have had red irritated eyes at some time.  They can strike at almost any time and can be due to a wide number of causes.

Some eye conditions can cause red eye

Conjunctivitis is the most common cause when the whites of your eyes are pink or red.

Have you been diagnosed with herpes, tend to get cold sores?  8 in 10 have herpes.

Have you been diagnosed with rosacea, blush/flush easily? 1 in 20 Americans have rosacea.

Is there pain or throbbing pain with light sensitivity?

Do you have a cyst or bump on one of your eyelids or near the corner of your eye?

Environmental factors can cause red eye

Do you have seasonal, environmental or food allergies? 30-40% of Americans have food or seasonal allergies. And smoking affects non-smokers too.

Is it winter or fall with dry, windy weather?  Or summer with hot, dry weather?

Do you smoke or spend much time where others smoke?

Eye Surgery & medicines can cause red eye

Have you recently had LASIK surgery or other eye surgery?

Dry Eye Package I is especially good for post-eye surgery dryness.

Do you take prescription drugs or use recreational drugs?

Lifestyle habits can cause red eye

Do you use a computer or mobile device more than six hours a day?

Do you get less than 7 hours of sleep more than 1 day a week?

Being a woman can cause red eye

Have you reached menopause?

Are you in the first half of your menstrual cycle?

Are you pregnant?

Do you often have dry eyes?

A great way to fight general chronic dry eyes is to use one of our discounted dry eye combos, with several different options:

  • Dry Eye Package 1 includes homeopathic dry eye drops, Hydro gel caps, and Vision Tone, based on a classic Chinese formula for moisture balance in the body.
  • Dry Eye Package 2 is the same as package 1 with Tumeric Formula (tumeric, curcumin, ginger) to help reduce inflammation.