Glaucoma Can Compromise Driver Safety

Glaucoma patients are more likely to have auto accidents than drivers without this sight-compromising condition.

At a talk preceding the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery meeting Eydie Miller-Ellis, MD talked about the roles that eye doctors play in determining whether a glaucoma patient’s ability to drive might be compromised.  She says “Physicians do have a responsibility to protect their patients and to protect the public. The law has some vision requirements and restrictions that are meant to protect its citizens. And so, should we report people who we think are dangerous? Certainly, if they do not meet the law, we absolutely should report them.”

There are options for glaucoma sufferers who are daunted by the thought that they might not be considered able to safely operate a vehicle.  Dr. Miller-Ellis recommends that they look into “senior driving courses and/or occupational therapists who can help with safer elderly driving.”

Source: OSNSuperSite

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