New Glaucoma Contact Lens Dissolves

contact lens for glaucomaA biodegradable contact lens is being developed that would administer glaucoma medication and then disappear. The problem with eye drops is that they slip out of the eye and much of the medication is lost. This contact lens, designed by Mridula P. Menon in India, uses a nano-carrier loaded with the glaucoma drug acetazolamide that is dissolved in a transparent vinyl polymer.

The resulting lens can be easily inserted into the eye on a regular basis.

The lens is very convenient because it dissolves while administering the medication. This means patients will not need to remove the lens after it has done its job. The polymer breaks down in 45 minutes.

The scientist altered the medication to be “water-friendly” (hydrophilic). Ms. Menon has completed tests in the laboratory (in vitro) and found that the medication’s sustainability is 3 hours. She is doing this research as part of her thesis for her MPhil. In the future, she plans to work with a large pharmaceutical company to fully develop the product.

Source: The Times of India. Jan 14 2015. Now, a biodegradable lens to cure glaucoma