Glaucoma Patients the Focus of New Medication Compliance Study and Methods

Researchers are looking at ways to improve medication compliance in glaucoma patients.

In a press release from MEMOTEXT, the corporation describes how an analysis of over 400 participants in the Automated Dosing Reminder Study showed that adherence to glaucoma medication dosing guidelines rose from 51 to 67% when individuals used “a MEMOTEXT adherence solution integrated with Microsoft HealthVault.”  Johns Hopkins University scientists presented these findings at Mobile Health 2011: What Really Works conference at Stanford University May 4-5, 2011.
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Glaucoma medication
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The most common conventional treatment for glaucoma involves the administration of medication to lower eye pressure with eye drops.  There has been concern generated by figures that estimate that between 37 and 59% of patients miss doses or self-administer their medication incorrectly.

We invite you to look at our natural treatment recommendations for glaucoma, particularly because recent research has shown that glaucoma can not be blamed on increased eye pressure all the time.