Green Tea May Lower Risk of Some Cancers

A new study suggests that drinking green tea may lower the risk of developing certain blood cancers.

Researchers in Japan studied 41,761 adults aged 40 to 79 without a history of cancer. After answering a food frequency questionnaire, participants were followed for 9 years. During this time 157 blood, bone marrow, and lymph system cancers developed in the study group.

Researchers found that the overall risk for blood cancers was 42% lower among study participants who drank 5 or more (versus 1 or fewer) cups of green tea daily. Drinking 5 or more cups of green tea daily was also associated with a 48% lower risk for lymph system cancers.

The results, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, show that these associations held up in even when allowances were made for age, gender, education, smoking status and history, alcohol use, and fish and soybean consumption.

SOURCE: Green tea consumption and hematologic malignancies in Japan: the Ohsaki study, Naganuma, et al, Am J Epidemiol 2009,Sep,15;170(6):730-8; (PMID: 19640889)