Home Remedies Catch Medical Community Attention AND Cures for Dark Circles

The best remedy doesn’t always come from the pharmacy.  In fact, it usually DOESN’T come from the pharmacy.

A new book called the Mayo Clinic Book of Home Remedies supports the belief that the best way to heal many illnesses is to look in your refrigerator, cabinets, or garden.  Source: https://www.lef.org/news/LefDailyNews.htm?NewsID=10568&Section=Nutrition

One common eye complaint that responds well to at-home treatments is dark circles under the eyes. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tea Bag Treatment: Try applying a cold compress of rosemary tea to increase circulation, which helps reduce swelling around the eyes. Make tea by bringing a half-cup of fresh rosemary and a quart of water to a boil. Steep for 20 minutes, then strain and chill. Soak a washcloth in the tea, ring out extra liquid anal place over eyes for 15 to 20 minutes, once a day, as needed.
  • Freeze some parsley in ice cubes. Use the parsley cubes instead of eye creams to diminish dark circles and puffiness. Parsley is packed with chlorophyll which helps fade darkness, while the ice cubes reduce the swelling.
  • Apply a paste of turmeric powder with pineapple juice for dark circles under the eyes.

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