Home Remedies That Reduce Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Sometimes one of the best parts of being an eye doctor is just looking into the beauty that is the human eye.

In order to keep your eyes looking this beautiful, try these home remedies to reduce the dark circles and bags under your eyes:

Cucumber or Cucumber Water

Containing calcium, vitamins A and C, and magnesium, the cucumber is known for its soothing properties. It helps relax the eyes and reduces redness. Cucumber water or thin slices of cucumber can also be applied to the skin around the eyes, especially if the skin is looking dry. Leaving the slices on the skin for at least fifteen minutes while relaxing will make your eyes look like new!

Agrimony Leaves or Flowers

Dried agrimony leaves and flowers can be added to boiled water to create an infusion that is strained and used to bathe the eyes. This solution reduce swelling and relieves itchy eyes. People who spend a lot of time working behind a computer and experience itchy or burning eyes will also benefit from this remedy.

Marigold Flowers

Make a weak tea out of marigold flowers. When it has cooled, soak two cotton wool pads in the tea and place them on the eyes for ten minutes. Alternatively, you can wash your eyes with the tea itself.

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