Improve Computer Eye Strain With Acupressure Self Massage

Computer eye strainAcupuncture and acupressure are ancient practices helps the energy flow smoothly through the body, enabling healing and stimulating vitality.

A simple acupressure massage can relieve computer eyestrain and the red eyes, difficulty focusing, and blurred vision that accompany it.

You can perform acupressure massage on yourself to alleviate tension in your eyes and improve your overall eye health.  Follow the image above.  Each massage point listed above can be gently massaged.  Move around the eye’s orbit beginning with B-1.  Do each point in succession, for about 5-10 seconds, moving upward and toward the outer edge of the eye.

You can do one eye at a time, or both eyes simultaneously.  And you can massage your eyes as often as you wish.  Some points will be more tender than others, indicating some tension there. Be thorough but gentle.

For more detailed information and for more exercises and practices that will help you cope with computer eyestrain and to learn more about acupressure and acupuncture, request our free e-booklet.

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