Indoor Tanning beds = Eye & Skin Cancer

After studying more than 2,200 tanners and their pale peers, scientists report that regular indoor tanning raised a person’s risk of melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer, between 74 percent and 340 percent.

Eye Cancer

Researchers report that using popular tanning beds to get a tan in the winter or without being out in the sun raised the risk of melanoma by 4 times – the range was from 74% to 240% higher risk.  This determination was found after studying the health condition of  more than 2,200 people who regularly use tanning beds.  Unsurprisingly, those people who used the tanning beds the most and for the longest time had the highest risk.  Similarly, those people who used tanning beds employing UVA rather than UVB radiation had the highest risk.


Skin Cancer

There has been earlier research indicating that tanning beds, especially those using UVA rather than UVB light are tied to skin cancer.  New research indicates that this UV exposure also is tied to eye cancer, known as ocular melanoma, as well as retinal and corneal burns.

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