Juicing With Organic Produce Enhances Eye Health and Overall Health

fruit and veg
Image via CDC

Increasing numbers of  American consumers are choosing organic foods over conventionally grown and raised foods.


According to the Organic Trade Association, in 2010 organic food sales increased by 7.7% while non-organic food sales only increased by 1%.  Many companies in the organic sector are adding jobs even in this sluggish economy.  Source: Food Navigator.

At Natural Eye Care, we are pleased to hear that more Americans are choosing to go organic.  Nutrition is an important part of our prevention protocol, and we recommend that you choose organic fruits, vegetables, and dairy products (and meat too, if you eat it).  Organic fruits and vegetables are especially important if you make juicing a regular part of your routine.  We consider daily juicing of primarily organic vegetables and fruits to be an essential part of any long term healing program.  Juicing is a highly effective and efficient way for the body to absorb essential nutrients into the blood and cells.

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