Low Birth Weight and Heredity Signal Infantile Cataracts Risk

A study of babies born with cataracts found that infantile cataracts in one or both eyes are associated with very low birth weights (babies born at less than 3.3 pounds).

Infantile cataracts also seems to be an inherited condition – nearly fifty percent of babies born with the condition had a first degree relative who was also born with cataracts.

Since early detection is key to providing the most effective treatment, determining potential risk factors for infantile cataracts increases the likelihood of diagnosing the problem quickly.

Researchers mentioned the following factors that might also play a part in the development of cataracts at birth, but deemed them all to be “statistically insignificant”: maternal urinary tract infections,  aspirin use, alcohol consumption, and smoking.

Source: https://www.osnsupersite.com/view.aspx?rid=68191

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