Manage Glaucoma With More Than Decreasing Eye Pressure – Natural Approaches to Glaucoma Care

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According to Canadian researchers, patients with glaucoma who were losing their sight saw significant benefits when their eye pressure was reduced.  Study authors say that this makes it even more important for patients to manage their intraocular pressure as their glaucoma progresses.    Source:

At the same time, at Natural Eye Care we believe that damage to the optic nerve can still happen when eye pressures are controlled, particularly related to normal tension and low tension glaucoma. Nutritional support, dietary supplementation, and proper lifestyle habits all have a profound effect on the condition of your eyes.

Learn more about how to take holistic, natural approaches to glaucoma management.

And don’t just take our word for it – our patients have told us time and again how our natural approach to vision preservation and improvement has helped them as they’ve struggled with glaucoma.