Meet the Natural Eye Care Advisory Board

natural eye care doctorThe NaturalEyeCare™ Advisory Board provides expert advice to the owner-operators, Optometrist/Acupuncturist Marc Grossman,  and Acupuncturist Michael Edson. Founded in 1999, Natural Eye Care educates health care professionals and the public on the role of complementary care in the treatment of eye disease. The website has maintains and updated the latest in peer review research on nutrition and vision, as well as information by eye condition, support for each part of the eye, related vitamins and supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, formulas based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and targeted nutrition for the eyes, CDs, and DVDs, articles on natural eye care and overall health, free eye exercises; a monthly e-newsletter, free phone and email consultations and much more. Dr. Grossman has a private optometry practice working out of New Paltz and Somers, NY.

The Advisory Board is comprised mostly of Medical Doctors (M.D.s). Each has at least one specialty in ophthalmology, naturopathic medicine, alternative and complementary medicine, homeopathy, or craniosacral therapy. Marc Grossman and Michael Edson seek advice from advisory board members when needed, to support Natural Eye Care’s patients and customers.

Ophthalmology Specialists

The board has two ophthalmology specialists. Scott Forman, M.D. has been board certified in Ophthalmology since 1989. Andy Rosenfarb is a Naturopathic Doctor and acupuncturist with a background in Chinese medical ophthalmology, naturopathic medicine, and functional medicine.

Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Complementary Medicine

Most advisory board members are a combination of Naturopaths, Homeopaths, and experts in Complementary Medicine. Damon Miller, M.D. is a board-certified medical doctor, Naturopath, and radiologist who uses a drug-free approach. Patricia (Trish) Muehsam, M.D. is a pioneer in alternative and complementary medicine. Nancy Eos, M.D. is a medical doctor, a homeopathic doctor, and an Emergency Medical Technician. She combines conventional, integrative, alternative, complimentary, shaman magic, and holistic medicine. Ron Wish, M.D. is a craniosacral practitioner and teacher.

Inflammation Specialist

Researchers are targeting inflammation as a potential cause, trigger or underlying contributor of eye disease. Our inflammatory specialist is Alan Dattner, M.D. He is a dermatologist and expert on integrative medicine and holistic dermatology. He focuses many of his treatment protocols in managing and reducing related inflammation through nutrition and other natural techniques.

Complete Bios

Complete bios of all board members are available on our Advisory Board page. Detailed information about Dr. Grossman and Michael Edson are on the Natural Eye Care About Us page.