Natural Ways to Help Lower Cholesterol

There are a number of food sources that lower cholesterol naturally such as oat bran, apples, walnuts, red rice yeast, omega-3 fatty acids, and nattokinase.

There are several foods that help lower cholesterol levels such
as oat bran. It lowers LDL (“bad cholesterol”) because it contains soluble
fiber. So do fruits like apples, along with Walnuts. In some people, walnuts can make a
big difference as they contain “good fats” that push cholesterol numbers down.
Omega-3 fatty acids found in food such as salmon, flax seed and fish oil pills
reduce cholesterol. Olive oil is excellent to add to your diet, especially if it is
replacing unhealthy fats such as vegetable oils and saturated fats. Other nutrients that
lower cholesterol include Red Rice Yeast and Nattokinase which is a fibrinolytic enzyme
produced from Natto, a Japanese fermented soy food.

Learn more related information related to lowering cholesterol naturally,  Medical professionals understand that high cholesterol levels may not always be indicators of high heart attack risk; nonetheless, they are a marker to be noted with respect to overall health.