New Product: Sterile Eyelid Cleansing Gel

We no longer carry Ilast Clean – and have substituted what we think is a similar and better product.

LidHygenix Foam Eyelid Cleansor 1.60 f/oz (50ml)
A number of clients have asked for a sterile eyelid cleanser and we’re pleased to introduce Ilast Clean, a sterile eyelid cleansing gel which will be helpful in home care of blepharitis as well as skin conditions such as seborrhoeic dermitis.

It is effective in removal of crusts, scales, dried tear secretions and deposits when used with a clean Q-tip as recommended in the blepharitis massage protocol.

It has the advantage over a number of eyelid cleansers in that it is soothing and gentle to the skin, providing a moisturizing effect in addition to its cleaning effect.  It is free of preservatives such as the widely used paraben, fragrances, and alcohol (which is effective in cleansing, but dries the skin).

It utilizes sodium hyaluronate which helps keep the skin moist.  Sodium hyaluronate  is a large molecule that occurs naturally in the corneal endothelium, one of the layers of the cornea which regulates the flow of liquids across the cornea and so plays a role in keeping the eye moist.

The formulation also uses allantoin which is present in comfrey extracts.  It is frequently used in cosmetics for its moisturizing effect.  One research study reported its effectiveness in reducing itching.1

Another ingredient, polysorbate 20 is a relatively non-toxic formulation that reduces surface tension (a wetting agent) between the skin and the eyelid cleanser, permitting good cleansing capacity.

Other ingredients, included in minute quantities support the cleansing and moisturizing effects of this product.


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  1. S. Veraldi, et al, Treatment of pruritus in mild-to-moderate atopic dermatitis with a topical non-steroidal agent, Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, 2009.