Number of U.S. Cases of Glaucoma Don’t Have To Be On the Rise

A recent article in Yahoo New states that the changing nature of the US population will mean more cases of glaucoma.  Age, obesity, and race can all be factors that may influence one’s chances of getting glaucoma (blacks and Hispanics are more likely to develop the disease).  Known as the “silent thief,” by the time one notices the tell-tale decrease in peripheral vision, the disease is already in a very advanced stage. Glaucoma is the damage of the optic nerve, and though often linked to pressure in the eyes, this is not always the culprit.

The number of cases of glaucoma does not have to increase, however, just because we are living longer or because the population is becoming more diverse.  Changes in diet and lifestyle can reduce your risk of glaucoma and other eye diseases and improve your overall health.  For more details, please visit our pages on glaucoma management.