Pomegranate offers hope in war on superbugs

Professor Declan Naughton, biomolecular scientist at the University of Kingston, Surrey and his team have created an ointment that tackles drug-resistant infections by harnessing chemicals that are contained in pomegranate rind.

They found that by combining pomegranate rind with other natural products such as vitamin C and a metal salt gave a much more potent effect; killing off, or inhibiting, drug-resistant microbes from growing created a strong, infection-busting compound.

Researchers in England have designed a salve using pomegranate rind chemicals to be used in fighting drug resistant infections. They determined that a compound including pomegranate rind and other natural nutrients like vitamin C and a metal salt have a very effective result in that they can kill off drug-resistant microbes or inhibit them from growing.

The need for finding new ways to tackle superbugs is growing more and more desperate as these superbugs continue to develop resistance to common antibiotics.

Editor’s Note: It is good that some scientists are open to seeking nature for help in solving our health problems with the understanding that there are secrets in whole foods that can help us.

Researchers: Professor Declan Naughton, biomolecular scientist, University of Kingston, Surrey, and associates.