Potential Retinitis Pigmentosa Cure Using Adult Stem Cells

Researchers are working to find a way to use adult stem cells to treat retinitis pigmentosa. Scientists at the University of Nebraska Medical Center are trying to replicate in humans what has been possible in rats and mice: making stem cells in the back of they eye become like the light-capturing cells that have deteriorated in retinitis pigmentosa sufferers.  In addition to offering hope to those with RP, this study, published in PLoS One, also gives a window into the potential uses of adult stem cells now that the embryonic stem cell controversy has been revived.

Source: https://www.omaha.com/article/20100906/NEWS01/709069937/1124

We are still a long way from successful stem cell work, and many like us will always to choose a more natural approach, at least in the beginning. Try these natural retinitis pigmentosa treatment options.