Procyanidins Benefit Microcirculation in Early Diabetic Retinopathy

A new study now reports that pine bark extract (which contains procyanidins) may extend vision-saving benefits to diabetics with early stage retinopathy by improving retinal blood flow and inducing regression of edema.

A 2010 study suggests that pine bark extract (containing procyanidins) may be helpful to diabetics who have early diabetic retinopathy through improved retinal blood flow and lowering swelling edema.

About 40-50% of Americans who have been diagnosed with diabetes already have some stage of diabetic retinopathy, according to NIH.

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Reference: Steigerwalt R, et al. Pycnogenol® improves microcirculation, retinal edema, and visual acuity in early diabetic retinopathy. J Ocular Pharmacol Therap 25:537-40, 2009.